Poetic Prose

For our English topic this half term, the children have been finding out about poetry. We started by looking at a range of poems and then the children have written their own.

The text we used to help us was The Night Box and we found out about all the wonderful things which come out at night. Then we decided to create a ‘Day Box’ and included objects or activities we might do during the day.

The children all wrote fantastic poems which were full of imagery and descriptive language.

Mrs Harley then told the children that if they edited their work to try and make it even better, they would get to write a section of their poem onto a tile to keep.

The tiles are going on display outside our classroom for a short while and then they will be coming home. I am sure you will agree that the poems are all stunning.



For their latest art/science/DT project, the children in year 3 have been making their very own volcanoes. After weeks of building them up, they then witnessed them erupting today…but don’t worry – there was no molten lava!

The children have taken them home and we have suggested they try different amounts of ingredients to see if the eruptions are different to what happened at school. The ingredients we used were:

  • 50ml warm water
  • 40ml vinegar
  • a squirt of washing up liquid
  • red food colouring
  • heaped teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda (must be added last)


3PY recently visited Romsey Library to encourage our children’s love of reading. After a chilly walk, we were greeted by Annabel who told us all about how the library works and how the books are sorted on the shelves.

After a quick story, the children then chose their own books to take home. They were assisted in scanning them and they all had a slip with the return dates on them (so no excuses for not returning them on time!!).

Golfing Greats?

During the last half term, year 3 have been getting to grips with golf!

We have been using putters to judge distances, then combining this with accuracy. The children have been getting better each week and I am sure we will see some of them winning the Ryder Cup in years to come…

Christmas Performance

If you were lucky enough to see the Year 3/Year 4 Christmas performance, then you will have seen a fantastic show.  The children told the story of The Little Drummer boy and the adventures he gets up to ranging from falling from a window to being taken to an owl’s nest and then back home!

I am sure you will agree that the children were magnificent learning their lines as well as several songs.  I heard many parents discussing the show afterwards and told me that the ‘Sky Full of Stars’ moment caused a few tears!

Dance to the Samba beat

Towards the end of term, Year 3 held a Samba drum concert where they showed off their skills for parents and family members.  Led by Hampshire Music Service teacher Mr Riddy, the children gave an excellent performance – albeit a bit loud!

Who is Jub?

During our last Guided Reading topic, the children learnt about a character called Jub and how she collected lost happy endings in a sack and sprinkled them from the branch of the tallest tree in the forest.  For their homework they were asked to think of some questions they would like to ask Jub if they met her – well, they got that opportunity and they asked some fabulous questions.

Our visitor was very impressed with the excitement the children showed as well as the brilliant questions they asked.