Sleepy children…(and adults)

What a fantastic night we have had so far!!

After the rest of the school departed, Year 2 got changed into their PE kits ready for their first surprise.

Unfortunately dance teacher Miss Stacey has been unwell, but she sent a fabulous replacement in Emma.  She had the children playing games, dancing and pretending they were animals.  The children had a boys vs girls dance off showing their latest moves.

After Emma left it was time for tea and right on cue, Dominos pizza arrived.  The children tucked into their pizza (helped by Mr Halton) and had some squash to wash it down with.

Then after their tea had settled. it was time to go back into the hall for the main event….Scotty the Clown!

Scotty was his usual amazing self and the kids played games and were gobsmacked with his magic.  Prizes were won by many children including a laser gun, a special hat to watch people and a small puppy.

The children were very tired after Scotty so it was time to make our beds in the hall and settle down for a film.

The children are currently watching the Disney film ‘Moana’.

They have all been fantastic and there have been no problems at all.  I just hope it is still going smoothly when it is lights out and sleep time…

Mrs Cater and Miss Pickering will be here in the morning to serve your children breakfast and we will see you at 9am to collect your children from the junior playground.






Tricky Tangrams

2PY were set a tricky challenge this week – they had to make a series of shapes but they could only use a specific set of 7 shapes (this is called a Tangram).

The children were tasked with making a turtle, house, bat and even a polar bear.

As the children took home their set of shapes, why don’t you try to make these shapes?


Amazing Athletes

Last week, 2PY showed tremendous determination when asked to throw with accuracy and then for distance, run as fast as they can, run as fast as they can whilst jumping over hurdles and then run as fast as they can to pass a relay baton to the next person in their team!

Every member of the class took part with passion which helped everyone to have a fun and enjoyable morning.  There were even a few javelins and howlers which nearly hit Mr Young!



Terrific Titanic

Year 2 set sail for Southampton today, to build on their knowledge of the Titanic.

The day started with some true and false questions with Jo, followed by 4 willing volunteers who dressed up as passengers or crew.  We then learnt about their stories and decided whether we thought they survived or died.

4 workshops followed which explored artefacts which would have been on the Titanic, a matching activity for rooms and smells, a lifeboat dilemma where the children had to decide out of a series of people who should (and unfortunately) who shouldn’t get a seat on a lifeboat and finally a physics experiment where they tried to see how many compartments it would take to sink the Titanic.

A guided tour was next with Andy (and his helpful dog) where we were set questions to find the answers to.

After our tour, we had a much-needed break for lunch.  The only problem here was that no-one in my class let me test whether any of their goodies were fit for eating!!

We then had some free time to explore any of the exhibits or interactive games which we wanted to find more information about.

Then it was time to raise the anchor and head back to school.  It was a fantastic day and I was proud about how much information the children had retained as well as asking good questions to build on this!



Super Sponsors

The acts of kindness is starting today within Year 2.  The children are being tasked with being kind to other children as well as adults at home and in school.

Once we have finished our 3 weeks of being kind, we will gather the sponsorship money and head to Waitrose to buy some food for those less fortunate than ourselves and donate it to Romsey Food Bank.  We are going to Waitrose as they already have strong links with the food bank.

Can we please have all sponsorship forms returned asap as this will give us an idea of how much money we will have to take to Waitrose (a separate letter will come out with the date of this).

I have given some spare copies of the sponsorship form out today, but if you require one, feel free to come and see me.  It would be fantastic if everyone was able to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

If you have any questions, please see Mr Young or Mrs Mayo.

Sir David

Year 2 were little historians recently as we found out about someone linked with our termly topic of Animals.  Sir David Attenborough has been a huge influence within this area and the children got thinking of how he has done this.

The three things we decided that he has had a big influence over were improvements in technology as he will have asked for better cameras or innovative cameras such as animal trap cameras which switch on when animals walk past them, better conservation by helping to raise awareness of endangered animals to try and stop them becoming extinct and finally by influencing younger generations to care for animals more or even want to have a job working with animals when they are older.

The fabulous homework which the children completed helped us hugely with our understanding of this important person within the field of animals.


Ready, Steady, Go!

Year 2 have started their build up to Sports Day by getting to grips with the infamous bean-bag throw as well as the howler throw.

It was clear that the children who used the correct technique managed to throw their howlers very far.  There were even a few children who even managed to hit me with them as I provided a little incentive to those using the right technique!

We will be practising more events next week…