Food Detectives

This week, 2PY have started to delve deeper into the wonderful world of food!  Following our trip to Tesco, children have been identifying the 5 main food groups and then to try and match common foods to their calorie and fat content. This was done to highlight that the food groups should be eaten in proportion to maintain a balanced diet. We then researched how the 5 food groups help support our bodies, ranging from helping our bones and teeth to stay strong to how we get vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy hair and soft skin!

Our homework this week is looking at how balanced our own diets are – please make sure you complete the sheets given to you last week ready for our next science lesson on Monday.


Where does our food come from?

This week 2PY visited Tesco to find out where our food comes from.  They looked at fruit and vegetables and identified the countries (which we later looked at on Google Earth), talked about how bread was made and even got to taste 3 different types of bread made fresh that morning.  Hopefully this has helped us understand the importance of eating the right balance of the different food groups as we will be writing an information text about how to keep our Flanimal healthy over the coming weeks.


Year 2 Christmas Party

What a party!

Year 2 had an amazing time recently at their school Christmas Party.  It started off with the Christmas Hat competition which was judged by Mrs Brown and Mrs Mayo (thankfully we didn’t have to decide as it was very difficult!).  Well done to the winners who had clearly put lots of effort into their designs – as did all the children which was why it was especially tricky to decide.

Then we had a huge game of pass the parcel.  It seemed like it was going on forever with layer after layer coming off the parcel until eventually a winner was found!

It was then time for the most important event – the girls vs boys dance off!  After several songs, the final 4 boys and final 4 girls were chosen.  Two more songs before the champions were crowned.  There were some fabulous shapes performed by the children which would have definitely put my back out if I had tried!!

Well done Year 2.  I hope you have a really relaxing break over Christmas.




Christmas Party Hats

As you may have seen in your child’s book bags, for the Year 2 Christmas Party on Monday 18th December, the children do not need a ticket to get in…instead they need to come with their most creative Christmas hat!

The boys and girls will be judged separately by a special guest judge with prizes for the winners.

As there is plenty of time before the party, this will allow you to create a hat of epic proportions!!

Please note – only hats that are homemade have a chance of winning a prize.

Here are the winners the last time we held this competition:


Wonderful Weather

2PY have recently begun to be avid watchers of the weather!  We looked through our recent home learning and then tried to predict the next week’s weather based on what’s happened recently.  We have all stuck predictions in our books and will update this at the end of the week to see how accurate we were.

Some of the class were keen to become weather presenters that they took centre stage to tell us about their home learning…




Money, Money, Money

2PY have been learning to recognise and count with money this week.

From the coins currently in circulation we have made amounts different ways and even tried to find the one which uses the fewest coins.  We then moved onto adding notes into the prices, which most have grasped very well.  Why not let the children count how much money is in their money box or in your purse/wallet – I have told the children to only count it and not move it from your purse into their own money boxes!!