Playground Posers

Following our recent homework and writing about various landmarks which Phileas Fogg visited during his travels around the world, several of the children in 2PY decided to impersonate one of them.  Can you guess who or what they are trying to be?


Super Scribes

This week, six children in 2PY had the honour of receiving pens to use for their writing work.  The pens were awarded due to high levels of consistency of presentation during all writing tasks.  As you can see, the children were delighted to receive their pens and have already used them in handwriting lessons this week.

To show you the level of presentation required, there will be samples of work on display at parents evening so you can see just how beautiful my new scribes’ work is.



Letters from afar

Today the children received a letter from a famous character they have been learning about…

None other that Phileas Fogg wrote to each child asking for their help!  As he has been travelling around the world he has seen many wonderful places and wants the children to help persuade his friends to visit them to.  With this in mind, the children readily accepted the task and started writing an opening paragraph to a persuasive advert encouraging people to visit either New York, India or Japan.  Phileas was so helpful because he included a leaflet he found when he was travelling in France to give the children some ideas of what sort of language they should be using to help persuade people.

The children also took their letters home so look out for these in their book bags.

As you can see from the leaflet, Phileas also underlined different parts he thought were good – why not ask your children what the different colours mean?


On a different level

This week the children started creating their own dance routines in their PE lesson.  The children will be challenged to include a new element each week, with this week’s element being the use of different levels.

The children came up with some very clever ways to show levels within their own groups which some demonstrated to their classmates.

The children are dancing to Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ incase you get any requests to play this song so they can practice at home.

We will be adding another element next week to include in their routine…


World Book Day Fun

Today, 2PY have had lots of fun exploring rhyme within Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.  We have been looking at spelling patterns which could help us find new words to rhyme with others.  We even played a few tricks on the children by seeing if they could find words to rhyme with words such as orange!

The costumes the children wore today were fantastic and we really looked great as a class.

I promise I didn’t eat anyone…

Big Bad Wolf



Happy Half Term

We are not setting any new home learning for the half term break but please remember to complete your work on Japan, New York or India. (see last week’s home learning tab).

You will need  to bring this in on the first day back after the holidays (Tuesday 28th February) as you will be sharing your work in the afternoon. Remember your work needs to show quite a few facts about the landmarks you have chosen as you will need to include these in the persuasive advert that you will be writing in class. You will be taking us on a tour around your chosen country enticing us to go there on our next holiday!.

It is also Pancake Day that day (Shrove Tuesday).

We will have our spelling test on that Tuesday morning too.  The spellings to learn are:

hole, whole, through, threw, our, are, free, three, sea, see (lots of homophones!)

Keep reading too – just a few pages a day is a good idea, especially if you have moved up a level after your Star reader test. And Abacus games ….

Enjoy the break as it has been a long half term!

Delightful Diets

Year 2 were treated to a fantastic talk from Mrs Rackham last week all about healthy eating.  She talked about the 5 main food groups, what a portion is (as many children knew they needed to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day) as well as why it’s very important to drink between 6 and 8 cups of water a day.

Why not see if your children can name the food groups and some food which belongs in each? This would really help them further understand which foods they should be eating more of and others perhaps a little less of.  Mrs Rackham stressed the importance of making the right choices with foods to support growth and development – especially of children.