Brilliant Beaulieu

3PY had a fabulous time at Beaulieu recently.  The trip was hugely educational as it helped build on the children’s understanding of plants and flowers in the countryside as well as explaining how seed dispersal works.

With the boys and girls split into separate sides of the accomodation block, the children quickly settled into their rooms by choosing beds and getting their sleeping bags laid out – some children thought they were staying for a week and proceeded to unpack the entire contents of their bags!

We spent the rest of the first day completing activities ranging from making a tree passport to feeding the animals on the farm.

At mealtimes, there were designated servers who were responsible for serving drinks, collecting dirty plates and cleaning the tables after we had all finished.  Some children were experts at this as they said they already do these jobs at home.

The children were all exhausted at the end of the first day, and after some free time playing outside, it was time for a delicious hot chocolate and a biscuit before settling down to sleep.  This followed the usual pattern of the boys going to sleep first, whilst the girl were too keen to talk about exciting things to waste time sleeping!  Eventually, everyone did drop off and we got a small amount of sleep.

The following morning had more activities such as trying to identify trees by their individually shaped leaves.  During this we found the carcass of a bird.  Our leader, Lewis, investigted and it was clear that it was a bird of prey due to the structure of it’s skull.  This was an added bonus to the morning which fascinated the children.

The time on the trip flew by and it was then time for lunch and to come back to school.  I hope the children had a fantstic time – for some it was their first trip away from home and they all behaved brilliantly.

I hope you enjoy the photos and they give you a flavour of the great time we had at Beaulieu. 

ChildrenĀ – it would be fantastic if you commented on these with some of your memories of the trip, but remember not to include anyone’s names!


Flower Pot Art

3PY had an amazing opportunity this term to create a giraffe out of flower pots which was for a display in Romsey town centre.

We were helped by Pamela and volunteers from Romsey Men’s Shed. The children decorated their flower pots and they were then joined together in various ways. Once enough flower pots were made, the children also had the opportunity to make elephants from plastic milk bottles.

All of these items are on display in Duke’s Mill, Romsey.

Why not get a photo with our animal and send it to me so I can add it to the blog?

Counting Chocolates

For part of our fractions topic, 3PY carried out an investigation using Smarties. Each child had their own tube and they had to separate them via colour. Once this was done, we counted the total number – and it seemed strange as some people had different amounts! We could then determine what fraction of the total amount were red, green or orange. All the children took their tubes home as a reward for their brilliant investigative skills!

Marvellous Mapwork

In our recent PE lessons, the children got to grips with using a compass and map for some orienteering activities.

After learning how to use a compass and how to read a map, we decided to set a treasure hunt where the children had to find markers around the school grounds which contained a letter. After collecting all the letters, the children could then rearrange them to make a phrase.

As you can see from the photos, this took place on Superhero day, but rest assured that any flying powers and wizarding abilities were switched off before the lesson started!

Speedy Spellers

3PY have recently introduced speedy new ways to help with spellings. When learning words with the prefix ‘sub’ and ‘anti’ they were set a relay challenge. Each group had an envelope which contained cut up pieces of words – each using one of our new prefixes. The children took it in turns to collect a piece of a word from their envelope and then tried to help build the words in their groups.

This was a great, energetic way to help learn some new spellings. Why not try this at home with any spellings you are finding tricky?

Exciting Egyptians

For a recent home learning activity, the children were tasked with finding out some information about a specific part of Egyptian life. The children were in small groups and in a lesson the following week they compiled all of their information. A giant poster was created by each group which they then presented back to the class. The amount of detail which went into the research and presentations was brilliant and all groups did fantastically well.

Super Scientists

Last term, 3PY embarked on a hunt around the classroom to find objects which required a force to work. The children, armed with post it notes, found many different objects which we then went on to discuss the type of force – was it a push or a pull?

How many different objects can you find at home which use push or pull forces?